Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Meet the team!

Meeting the SAIL Team

SAIL has been operating for nearly six years and we are proud of the close relationships we have formed with our client base. That said, we rarely get to meet our clients face to face and thought it would be worthwhile to at least put a face to the team you regularly correspond with by phone or e-mail.

We would therefore like to introduce (from left to right) Marise, Jenny and Cheryl…

In order to continue building relationships, we would like to invite you to introduce a friend or colleague to SAIL’s services and receive a delightful duo of wine with our compliments!

Your wine will be delivered directly to your door when we receive your friend’s 6th invoice and to make sure you do receive it, please ask your friend to give your name as a reference on their questionnaire when they sign on![1]

As we welcome any suggestions and comments you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback.

Kind regards

Marise Heydenrych
Manager – SAIL Business Solutions
0208 241 3495(office)
0784 101 4385 (mobile)
0871 661 4565 (fax)

[1] Conditions apply